Sunday, December 23, 2012


Currently, I am sorting through over 350 emails so this post is largely inspired from that task... and also from one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for the great idea!

Watching: This video on the landfill harmonic makes my heart and soul smile. Too often the arts are reserved for the privileged. I love this super genius and creative idea and how it demonstrates the healing power of music.

"We believe we are conveying a dream when we play with the recycled instruments. Playing melodies made out of trash that moves people's hearts and turn the key that unlocks the deepest feelings in children and young kids that begin to re-evaluate their lives in which they have it all".

Obsessing: Over this new iphone app. It is called "Over" and functions to add pretty typography to your pictures. I have been playing around with it alot and will be posting some of my "re-worked" creations. Below is an example of one.

The word "busy" has definitely described this month.
I think the word "balance" needs to describe next month.
Listening: To alot of this. Have no fear - its just very relaxing, I have no plans to run off and start wearing a turban like Snatam Kaur.
And this. I love CeeLo Green's voice, style and just everything he is about. Rock on!
Loving: This!!! Oh how tiny homes will forever have a special place in my heart. In truth, the hubs and I do live a "tiny home" lifestyle. Ok, maybe more like a "moderately tiny home" lifestyle. Now all I need is to make friends with a plumber... and to buy some land.
I think this article best describes why I love (the idea at least of) tiny homes. My favorite quote is: "We do have two mustard's, which seems excessive right now".
I think the hubs and I have a long way to go in regards to making a true tiny home lifestyle possible. Lets be honest I am really not a "composting toilet" type gal and I feel pretty confident in saying I never will be. But a girl can dream.
Also, loving the golden retrievers that traveled to Newtown, Connecticut to provide their special brand of peace, love and good feelings.
And this awesome article that details some positive moments from this past year.
Reading: Damien Echols most recent autobiography. Damien was an Arkansas teenager who was falsely imprisoned on death row for nearly two decades. I found it to be a bit wordy and graphic at times but extremely interesting and informative. Damien describes life in extreme poverty and under the authority of an abusive prison system. I highly recommend this read for anyone who has specific beliefs regarding America's prison system and the death sentence.
Lately, I have found myself often thinking of a book I read this summer: Wild. The author, Cheryl Strayed, describes her experience hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail as a novice hiker in search of healing. The book is so well written and reads more like poetry than a memoir. I never re-read books but I may have to re-read this one soon.
Lusting: a yay scale! This scale is super cute and body positive. Instead of showing your weight - it gives you compliments, like "You're Perfect" and "You're Gorgeous".