Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Week!

Some details from the Christmas holiday.
This may be Santa or my Father in law.
Sporting red and pink.
A candy cane cutie with candy cane toes.  
My favorite.
Some gifts given and received.
I call this my snow bunny outfit even though there was no snow this year.
My dad flaunting his no facebook status.
Holiday cards galore.
Great minds think alike. The hubs and I gave each other similar Christmas cards.
This is the card display system I rigged up with some teeny tiny clothes pins and leftover yarn. It has grown and grown throughout this month and now seems to be exploding off the bookshelf. One half are holiday cards and the other are from the hubs birthday. We are feeling the love people.
Grandma proudly displayed her infamous holiday jello. It isn't a holiday without this stuff and it only tastes good when she makes it.

 My Dad after making Christmas dinner. Check out the shot from Thanksgiving here.


December has been a hectic month - pulling me this way and that. There was a lot of fun to be had. It was the first holiday season shared with the hubs and it stretched us in all sorts of different and new directions. I am filled to the brim with the goodness of the food, people and (both new and old) festivities.

This weekend was a bit rainy but mostly sunny. It feels like winter is peaking through the horizon but can't quite make it here. Most days can be described as barely chilly at best. This was a couch lounging, yoga pant wearing, tea sipping (two cups and counting), leftover eating type of weekend. Our fridge is so empty it seems to echo and we have started making odd meal combinations. I like the challenge of subsisting off of our kitchen reserves for as long as possible - until the cupboards are bare and we are close to insanity with the boredom of it all. This weekend has felt like a long sigh from the past four weeks. I remind myself to be grateful for the peaks and valleys, the calmness and the busyness.

Have a great week!


Mo Mack said...

LOVE the red lipstick you are wearing in the snowbunny pic!!! <3

Kaylin Lydia said...

Thanks Lady!! I need to buy more and more lipstick - love it. Finding the perfect shade is tricky though. Happy New Year!!