Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Week in Pictures

So this happened.

I tried Egg Nog for the first time in three years. I originally gave it up after I had a bad experience with the nog and my gallbladder. I ended that night with a small cup of the stuff and immediately regretted it. First, it didn't taste as good as I remembered. Second, I had awful stomach cramps the entire night. So bad I was convinced I had spontaneously acquired the stomach flu.

What really aggravates me is that I bought the organic stuff. I could have spent half as less for a belly ache! Anyway, you live and learn. And I will be swearing this stuff off for good... again.


I completed our first ever Holiday card mailing and worked off the philosophy that if you receive it before the New Year its not considered late. I love receiving and sending holiday cards. It can be a bit tedious at times but it is such a great way to stay in touch with the family and friends you may not see on a regular basis.

I drank some super delicious hot cocoa, ate some very tasty cookies provided by the mother-in-law and perused some recently received Holiday cards. The most unique and funny award goes to my friend who sent her Holiday card with herself and boyfriend pictured with "Zombie Santa".

By the way - hot cocoa mix does not taste good with almond milk.

I attended my favorite craft studio's Holiday party.
I ate some cheese, ogled some cute knitting needles and exchanged crafting supplies in a Pollyanna. I gave three bunches of pretty blue yarn I have been carrying around for years - hopefully someone else will put it to better use than I have. I received a small candle and batch of beautiful yellow yarn.
Unbelievably, I lost the yarn in transit from the studio to my apartment. I searched everywhere and it seems to have slipped into thin air. I described this in great detail to the hubs and he did not seem as nearly surprised or shocked that this could happen to me. I am blaming the elf on the shelf.


My grandmother was as thoughtful as she always is and sent us a package of Wolferman's English Muffins. So far my favorite is the blueberry. As you can see we are also making good use of the paper plate leftovers from the hubs birthday party.


I bought some teeny tiny clothespins, which made me feel like a giant when using them.

I attempted a craft project I quickly abandoned when I realized how ridiculous it would be to paint 50 teeny tiny clothespins blue. I love the look of these clothespins but I broke several because they were so fragile. More on this project later.

I did some more neighborhood Christmas light perusing. I was feeling particularly drained that day so these lights helped perk me up before I moved onto the next task.

This is our "mantel". Also known as the window we never-finished-painting. I have been super disappointed in those faux candles on the window sill. I bought them several weeks ago and they have been draining the batteries within three days. I am going to attempt to return them tomorrow even though I already threw out the receipt. I can try that because I used to work retail - I once returned a bell pepper with no shame. I have been to that dark side.

I worked on my chop stick skills, which are still poor even though I practice often.
This is why I don't knit.

I baked my favorite type of cookie - oatmeal cranberry.

Its a rare breed so I added my own cranberries to a box of oatmeal cookie mix. I also used an egg substitute since I already had it in stock. Also, in my book, if you have to add more than two ingredients to a cookie mix then its considered made from scratch.

Updates from the Chistmas Holiday later.