Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Week In Pictures: Thanksgiving

I flexed some major coupon muscles - I got free iced coffee and 
a seriously discounted honey ham. It was hard to not do a karate
kick of joy in ShopRite.
My couponing qualified me for a free ham but I went a little
crazy and opted for the upgrade to the honey ham. I still snagged
an eleven pound ham for $11! Its currently tucked away in our
freezer for a rainy day.
I drank the only green tea I am partial to - I prefer black
tea over anything else.
Need I say more?
I lived a bit on the wild side and tried a different type of kefir.
This wasn't too bad but there is something about the Green
Valley Kefir that I really prefer - it has a better taste and does not
irritate my stomach like this brand did. The only trick is that my
grocery store of preference does not carry my fave brand of kefir
so it requires an extra trip. Le sigh - first world problems.
And this isn't a paid advertisement - I don't have
connections like that or the fridge space to store
my payment, which would undoubtedly be a
lifetime supply of kefir.
A random observation from my day at work.
I read the zines a friend made and mailed to me. They were totally
awesome and inspired me to start my own zine project.
More on this later.
The hubs and I traveled to my family's to celebrate Thanksgiving.
We drank alot of soda...
and root beer...
of very interesting varieties...
Like alot alot...
On Thanksgiving day we walked and walked...
We admired the landscape and took alot of pictures....
We enjoyed the mild weather and beautiful scenery...
We became re-acquainted with some horses and my mom
 modeled her horse whispering skills...

 I, on the other hand, did not...
And we had some fun.  
Of course, we ate and ate... This was our lunch. Oh - the blueberry cheese!
Local apple cider warmed up sums up the fall season for me.
This is the result of days (yes, days!) worth of planning, organizing,
buying and cooking. Thanks Dad! The goat cheese bacon asparagus
was a new dish this year and it was fantastic. I snagged some of the
leftovers to eat later... but not all of them! I ain't no leftover stealer.
I prefer my rolls squished and my kid brother always
remembers to squish one for me.
Gotta respect those who go for the turkey leg first. Respect.
After dinner we took a break and admired my Dad's collection of Saturday
Evening Post Magazines. Of course, he re-frames and changes them
according to the season.

And then we were back at it! Dessert! My Dad made pumpkin
pie and chocolate covered strawberries. The hubs and I brought a
cheesecake sampler (sorry not homemade) and my Uncle Brian came
with the spectacular lemon meringue pie from Cest La Vie.
I got a little taste of everything. Yum!
We returned home late Thanksgiving night where the hubs Black Friday
shopped, I worked and we celebrated a delayed Thanksgiving Holiday
with his family. We went extreme parading...

Where I was reminded of my adopted homes fascination with
emergency vehicles and parades. I have been to more parades in my
two years living in this county than in my entire life... seriously. This
is a very small county - there are only four high schools in the entire
county! But yet every small town has its own town parade and
emergency vehicles to show off as well. Its quirky and fun!
The hubs and I snagged some free hot cocoa at a local realtors office that
was kind enough to pass out free treats during the parade. I became
excited when I saw a few snowflakes but I was then informed it was fake.

Oh yeah and we ate of course. This is tomato pie (pizza with garlic
but no cheese) and its one of my favorite local foods. 

My attempt to detox - my usual morning smoothie pre-blended.

I'll meet you someday Wyoming... Someday!
I would like you to meet the Desperado. Its a cheesesteak + egg + hot sauce.
 I could only get through half and I graciously gave the other
half away. I am so generous.

I reflected on when I painted this excessively large painting for my
kid brother's birthday a few years back - ya know, before Lincoln
 was trendy or became a vampire hunter. It did not seem that large until
I tried to get it into my car and that proved challenging - sorry about that bro.

And I did a bit of doodling amidst spending my Sunday youtubing tiny homes.

Lao Tzu: By letting go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go.
But when you try and try - The world is beyond the winning.
I had a great week and I hope you did as well!